DFlexXx’s sound is a blend of a Hip-hop and Trap, predominantly rooted in the contemporary UK Rap scene. inspired by the likes of; Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne, his sound is also influenced by the 90’s era he grew up in.


Performing to crowds over 10,000 strong from a young age; the Welsh rapper is an extrovert at heart which is clear to see once he steps on stage. Performing across the UK DFlexXx has perfected the craft of live performance 

demonstrated at his shows.

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“Everyone seems to be following the same trend for a long time. So, I like to stay in my own lane and remain as different as I can. If it’s my performance, sound and even my style I try my best to become as rememberable as possible.”

Growing up he initially made name for himself within the Dance scene, touring the world form the age of 6 and became one of the ‘UK’s freshest kids”  appearing on ‘Got to dance’ ‘Slammer’ ‘Streetdance’ ‘Telly tales’ and much more.

Flex Started to write his own material from the age of 15, which is where he fell in love with music and his passion began to grow. 


Being an entertainer is a huge dream for the Welsh artist and with the ability to act, rap and dance he is certainly something fresh in this day and age. 

Name: Darnell Hawkins

Influences: Chris Brown, Tyga, Drake, Stormzy, Aitch, Kanye West and Bruno Mars



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“Something that lasts don’t come over night”

- DFlexXx


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Email: darnell.hawkins@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 07479945433

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